I Am Jessenia

30 Days to Self Love Challenge

Hi there, it’s Jessenia 🙂

You might remember me as the girl on the Tyra Banks Show.

My life changed after that, leading me on covers of major magazines and the lead roles in major music videos. What a trip!

Now, I’m a Singer and Actress who uses my platform to advocate on issues that matter.

But before gracing the cover of Maxim or performing on stage for Lady Gaga, this was me..

Me in 8th grade over 200lbs

I was 16, over 200lbs and as I stared at the wall in the doctor’s office, being told I was borderline diabetic with hypertension – I hated myself. Hated the way I looked, the way other people saw me, the way I felt.

Guess what? That self-hatred led me into extreme dieting, obsessing over what size jeans I wore, fixated on an unhealthy number on the scale. That self hate, led me into a total transformation, into the “dream body.”

I did what few people could. I lost over 100lbs. I became a bikini competitor and later a personal trainer. Sure I looked good on the outside, but inside I was broken inside.

I was eating so little that I was starving myself, working out so much that I was ruining my mind and body. I even found myself inside an extremely abusive relationship.

I wasn’t happy. I was hurt. Even after losing all the weight, I still hated myself. Yes, I still hated myself even after building my physique to look the way it did.

There were moments in between where I yo-yo’ed in weight, other times where I would slip into starvation or being eating and even purging. 

One day as I was sitting on my  bathroom floor, crying my eyes out, I had had enough.

“Stop this Jessenia, you have to love YOU.” 

Words I remember my mother telling me as a teenager battling with eating disorders. Her words, she’d tell me time after time  a toxic relationship ended. 

“Quierate a Ti Misma!” 

It finally hit me. 

Me today, loving myself!

I realized that the only way I can keep a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy relationship was to find peace inside of myself. To do things not from self hate, but from self love. Not to look for someone to validate and love me , but for me to love me. 

That became my platform. That became how I wanted to help people. By spreading the message that if you want to transform your life and even your body, you don’t have to hate who and what you are. You can embrace yourself in all  of your uniqueness, craziness, quirkiness because you deserve to be happy and comfortable in your skin!


Me today, loving myself!

I’ve always wanted to help people. This is why i got into the nursing field, this is why i use my platform.

So after being flooded daily with messages from men and women asking for my advice.  

I decided to: let me go back to my roots. The roots of my journey. Let me help you love YOU.

That’s why I created the 30 Days to Self-Love Challenge to help you transform your body and your life by learning to love yourself.

Its a fitness and wellness transformation challenge where I give you action items on the the physical, mental and spiritual –  or what I like to call the Transformation Trifecta.

This challenge is FREE!

You can do this for 30 Days and then choose from my 30 Days To TRIM Program  or 30 Days to FIT Program, or you can simultaneously do the 30 Days Challenge while doing one of the programs.

Stay tuned, because every single day I’m going to be hitting your inbox with daily fitness, nutrition and action items and tips to help you become the best version of yourself 

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With Love,

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