I Am Jessenia





YOU. LOVE. You. Hoodie

About the Movement

It came to me in a dream. I saw myself wearing a symbol that illuminated the letters “J” facing each other and flipped right side up. I remember looking at it with curiosity and then suddenly waking up from my dream. Still half asleep, I walked over to my desk to grab something to write with, I grabbed onto a sharpie and I drew what I remembered on the only thing I could write on; the back of a scratch off ticket. I still have that ticket. 

At the time, I had a completely different interpretation of what these two J’s meant. I defined it as having found someone who completed me; my other half. Now, looking back at that dream, I realize its true meaning. It ‘s the theme of my life’s journey.

The journey to  SELF-LOVE. 

Its taken me years and tears to finally understand that the greatest love of all is that of the self. It is when we love ourselves that we can attract all the good that we deserve. 

Learning to love yourself means loving all of you: mind, body and soul

That letter J is me completing myself, the other J, both forming a heart.  It’s a reminder that I complete me! And you can complete you too!

Because the symbol you see resting on the left side, above where the heart is, is more that just a heart. It is a symbol of SELF LOVE!  

Self-love is key for one’s mental health and well-being. Self-Love builds resilience in the face of adversity. Self love is accepting your truest self. 

Wrap yourself with YOU.LOVE.YOU. to remind yourself that staying in love with yourself is just as important as falling in love with yourself. 

Join the movement!

Wrap yourself with YOU.LOVE.YOU.