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30 Days To Self Love Challenge | Mind, Body & Soul

Welcome to 30 Days To Self Love Challenge!

In this video I talk to you about my new fitness program and challenge. I’m excited to offer this training as more than just a body transformation, but as a mind, body & soul workout. In my blog there will be FREE information on how to get you started.

The goal is to unlearn self hate and learn self love, because nothing lasts when it comes from an unhappy/unhealthy state. I want this to be the fist step you take into staying in love with yourself.

When we love ourselves we attract good energy, we develop healthy relationships with others, achieve our goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

Once you learn how to do things from self love, you will find yourself being consistent and you will not only prepare yourself to see changes but feel them too.  Get ready for an incredible journey!


To find our apparel and join the self love movement visit out online store: [HERE]



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