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When I meet people for the first time and they learn that I am 36 years old, they laugh thinking its a joke. Once they realize that I am serious they almost instantly ask me the same questions: “what do you do? what do you use?” Lately, I been getting an overwhelming amount of DM’s due to my “36 too old ” video ( CLICK HERE TO WATCH )that spread quickly in a day!

Since it is humanly impossible for me to answer everyone, I decided to dedicate some time to write a blog on everything I use, explain what its for and even share with you where to find it.

I’m all about CLEAN products , CLEAN eating and CRUELTY FREE companies.  I’m sure you can appreciate the same.

Although it is  possible with a lot of work, the truth is not many of us receive the proper vitamins and minerals our body needs. Even I don’t and I eat 3 meals and 2 snack a day. So, I take an Adult Multivitamin every morning!  (CLICK HERE )

Why is it important? A multivitamin can offset these deficiencies caused by age, strict diets and busy lifestyles.

I recently have been taking Mineral Shots ( CLICK HERE )which has helped me SAVE  lot of STORAGE space and MONEY! I used to buy in bulk at Costco, so you can image what my cabinets looked like. It was ridiculous lol. No more individual purchases of : Calcium, Zinc, or Iron for me. Now I get it all with one shot.

I have said this for many years now. ALOE VERA leaves are a game changer. However, no matter how much I swear by it, people either get grossed out by the slimy consistency or don’t  like its “taste.” Whatever your reasoning for not consuming aloe, you really should!  This product is clean and tastes delish! Thank me later –> ( CLICK ME! )

Why Aloe Vera? Cause its been proven to help with digestion, detoxifies your Liver, and reduces skin conditions for a clearer complexion. Duh!

Here is a BIG mistake I see a lot of people do, they avoid ALL carbs. Yes, you will see a drastic weight loss but you will also see a massive weight gain. As much as I’m not a fan of carbs myself, I consciously  consume it daily because it is a vital source of energy our body needs to use for fuel. However, if you are not using carbs to burn off as energy, it will break down into sugar, converting it into fat. Which is why I take Carb Blockers ( CLICK HERE) . I also take it because  no matter how clean of a carb I eat, I always feel bloated. So this helps immensely.

Knowing what a good carb versus a bad cars is also important, I’ll dedicate an entire post for that.


SIDE NOTE: I’ve tried so many brands and none have given me results like this. If you been following me on IG, then you have seen the huge difference. Modere is a brand I’m a huge fan of and stand by!  I am a firm believer that sharing is caring. Thank me later =)




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