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Fitness Supplements That Helped Me Bounce Back After A Break Up

In this blog I share with you a lean system I been using but first let me just says ….BREAK UPS SUCK!!!

I have to be completely honest …. if it wasn’t for Chai, my pup you see in the video laid up in her bed watching me do yoga. ::laughs::  I don’t know how long it woulda taken me to pick myself up from the floor and bounce back.

Yes, I started working with love recovery coach , Carmelia Ray ( Click Here to find her) almost immediately after my break up, and then a therapist simultaneously. But the work was so hard  … having to relive my breakup and relive past  childhood traumas was intense. Plus, spending quarantine all alone in the apartment we once shared didn’t make it easy. No one could visit me because of the lockdown. All I had were my thoughts, which was brutal. I couldn’t eat or sleep! I was Lucky if I held down yogurt or got in an hour of sleep.

I was such a hot mess that even Chai wasn’t eating or sleeping. She was always at my side as I cried from morning into night into morning… My poor baby got so frail! I remember seeing her fall to the ground one day, she was so weak. It was in that moment, that I told myself I had to bounce back ASAP! She needed her mom to get it together.

I started to force myself to eat every 2 hours. Chai would eat some of her food too but ONLY when she saw me eat mine. She still does that lol! She’s such a good girl!

You don’t see it in this video but, I put on weight rapidly within a few weeks which made me happy! Because knew that the hardest part was done. Now came the EZ work!

For those who don’t know I’m a CPT  (certified personal trainer). So, I knew how to create a well balanced diet and a workout plan that would work at helping me put on some gains.

After being depleted by starvation & depression. My body legit held on to everything (even air lol) making it harder for me to see any changes.  So, I did my homework and found a CLEAN product with amazing reviews and decided to give it a try.

I been using their  “Lean Body System” ( CLICK HERE) & Liquid Bio Cell ( CLICK HERE ) for the past 3 months & WOW! This system legit has me seeing muscle definition like never before and feeling pain free! Do you remember the knee brace i used to wear ? Well you haven’t seen me using it at all & I thank their liquid collagen. Yup! LIQUID not powder!

I also, found that I no longer need to be at the gym working out for hours at a time. In fact, I work out from home now and for half that time! I use my extra time on other practices such as YOGA and MEDITATION.

I even been reading again! (I’ll blog about what books i recommend in a later post.)






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