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Yummy CLA in FLAVORS !!!

CLA is the abbreviation for , Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

What is CLA?  Its a fatty acid found in meat and dairy that is believed to have various health benefits & is known as popular fat burning supplement!

If you are vegan or lactose intolerant then you are definitely not getting these fatty acids.  I’m neither vegan or lactose intolerant but I know my diet could  always use more in my day to day.

I used to take CLA capsules 2x with meals  &  I swore by it! Always have and STILL DO!

The only downfall I’ve always had with it is how massive the capsules are! They are pretty big and would get lodged half way down my throat and burn once the capsule layer melted. Ugh not fun! I would then have to chug down milk and bread to sooth and dislodge. That’s why I stopped taking it.  Not gonna lie, I thought getting back many times but the idea of it getting stuck turned me off.

As you know, I’m very meticulous  with what I ingest. All my supplements  must be CLEAN! As you know from the Lean System I blogged about that I’m using, I did my homework before committing . You can read more by CLICKING HERE.

Well, I’M BACK ON CLA!  Its yummy too! AND it comes in LIQUID form! And in so many yummy flavors!!

So, if you are interested in only the “TRIM,” check it out below, click in the parentheses and it will take you directly to the flavor of your choice.

I LOVE the chocolate flavor and I’m waiting to get my next order of COCONUT  LIME!







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