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Spartan Meal Prep Review | Meal Prepping Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

If you find yourself too busy to go grocery shopping or you don’t have time to cook, then you are most likely ordering or dinning out. As tasty as it may be, your overall health will improve greatly with meal prepping.

I get it! The idea of eating the SAME food can seem boring. I also know that cooking CLEAN might sound bland! But the truth is meal prepping doesn’t have to be boring or bland!!! But, if  you don’t have any time to meal prep and you want to save time and/or money, then I would recommend ordering your food from a meal prep company.

Do your homework! READ REVIEWS!!!

I’m sure, by now you’ve seen my stories, raving about how awesome Spartan Meal Preps are! That’s because THEY ARE! I have friends and family who have become loyal customers.

What I love about them is their consistency, their freshness, and their large menu!!! Talk about never boring and never bland!  ( SAVE SOME MONEY! USE CODE: SELFLOVE

All their meals are prepared by top chef’s. Plus,  they offer meal plan options that suit whatever your goal is.  So if you want to lose weight, maintain weight or even bulk to build muscle, they got you! Oh yeah, THEY ARE AFFORDABLE! TOO!!!  What’s cool, is that every week my orders vary depending on my schedule! So, if I know that I’ll have time to cook for myself on certain  days, then I wont order meals for that day. Your orders are tailored to you and your needs! 


As much as a FOODIE that I am, even I know the saying,  “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.” Translation, no matter how many hours you put into working out  … none of it matters if you don’t have a healthy balanced diet. Even though I eat great, I still intake my vitamins and minerals. ( CLICK HERE  & CLICK HERE TOO) I’ll share with you some of my go to’s on my youtube channel very soon! )


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