I Am Jessenia

US Weekly Private Event

Just a shy, heavy, kid from the bricks (Newark, NJ) that grew up to believe in herself ! Oh, what a journey it has been! 💜

What are some of the obstacles you have overcome? .

I used to be the kid in class that was too embarrassed to raise my hand in class bc I knew the answer. I used to be the teen that starved herself into a size 0 bc I hated my body, then later struggled w bulimia. I used to be the young woman that thought a husband , house & kids meant living for a purpose …that I tolerated unhappy relationships , even abuse on all levels. W/o my past , I wouldn’t be my present. I have no problem sharing who I am, if it can help someone ✨✨✨

Thank you @usweekly for the invite and for featuring us on your site ! @tboy61915 & I had a great time!! For more go check out “US WEEKLY’S MOST STYLISH NEW YORKERS 2019”

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